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Holder Enterprises, Inc. offers live and online training courses for a wide variety of topics ranging from food services to culinary instructions and many of the vocations covered under the NAICS codes.

The training programs we provide will be based upon more than 30 years of providing similar training/certification programs. All training is conducted by certified instructors with specific experience in class room instruction, curriculum development, presentation techniques and trainee evaluation. All training is documented and included in the student files. Furthermore, to enhance our offering we provide access to a powerful community with teams based learning platform used for Training, Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Project Execution. Combining best practices, employee forums, videos and web based presentations our technology platform provides each of our clients with significant opportunity for enhancement of professional skills. Furthermore, due to the way in which the web platform is designed, Holder Enterprises can provide personalized monitoring and support services to ensure that all attendees receive individualized training.

Holder Enterprises also provides specialized training programs, such as a Vocational Training Program for specific targeted groups (K-12, Inmates etc.) that prepares them for the certification exams of the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe® program. All targeted group graduates will receive further assistance for employment placement by Holder Enterprises. We provide resume outreach programs for graduates that will be marketed to local employers.

Throughout the vocational training program, Holder will routinely evaluate and test attendees on progress, attendance and demonstrated achievements. Quarterly evaluations will be provided that document student progress. Upon program completion, job placement evaluation and employer information along with pay rates will be provided. Additionally information will be compiled on the number of students who take the ServSafe® test and an outline of topics covered by visiting suppliers/manufacturers.

The ServSafe® Program is a core value for Holder Enterprises. Mr. Holder himself is a certified ServSafe® Instructor and Exam Procter.