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* DC-based, minority-owned

* Certified Business Enterprise (CBE)

* Highly regarded by our clients


Food Service Management

We provide comprehensive food service management and operations services. Our services are wide-ranging from managing large scale kitchen operations to catering, vending machines, concessions, bulk food and equipment supplies to our clients. We create catering events based on our customer's requirements and manage the event from creation to completion. Our services include, but are not limited to, site selection, catering arrangements, logistical support on-site, and coordination of food service activities.

Holder Enterprises brings a unique approach to ensure providing trusted high quality food service management and operations. The Holder Advantage offers:

1. Well managed and trained organization with defined roles and responsibilities
2. Chain of command that incorporates efficient back-office support and application of Technology to support field operations
3. High performance Teamwork, Staffing Plan based upon realistic estimates that can only be achieved by a proven food services provider

Our plans, approaches and proposed personnel represent the culmination of significant corporate experience in the food service industry.

Holder possesses a robust corporate management back office designed to support food service operations at client sites. Unlike many small businesses, we have made a commitment to fully staff our corporate office in the critical functions of Human Resources, Financial Management, Quality Assurance, Training and Operations Management so that all corporate administrative tasks are completed without unduly burdening our field staff with responsibilities that are not directly relevant to supporting the clients we serve. This commitment permits our field managers and employees to focus on the task at hand – supplying superior food services to each and every one of our clients.

As such, our corporate back office is fully staffed and well situated to support field operations

Member of Foodservice Consultants Society International